Due to the movement of dry goods, industrial vehicles, and boxes, dust quickly becomes airborne in warehouses. In areas where large volumes of bulky dusty materials are always delivered, dust can quickly become a problem, hence the need for dust control in warehouses. In most warehouses, the dust can be too much such that it is not easy to see across the building. These conditions are not safe for your workforce, and according to the Health and Safety Act and the Environmental Protection Act, it is illegal to have such a working environment. Next, let’s look at some dust control measures that can be applied to the warehouse.

Using fog

There are different fogging systems for different areas around the warehouse. And to ensure you find the best one for your business you should opt for reliable brands like BossTek. Some possible choices to consider are fogging the parking areas-  used to prevent dust build-up and help protect employees. Large area fogging- the fog help protect the warehouse from dust. Also, consider doorways fogging- Water nozzles are placed around the doors to help prevent the dust from entering the warehouse building.

Install ventilation system

Ventilation systems are another important dust control method that uses extractor fans that create air flows inside the warehouse. When you turn the ventilation system on, the fans pull the tiny dust particles towards them. They have collection bags at the end of the vents. You can turn off the ventilation system at any time to remove the vents’ bags and dispose of the dust.

Reduce the movement of materials within the facility

Reducing activity in the warehouse dramatically reduces the dust. Friction between tyres and the floor surface results in dust creation. So the less traffic, the better. Speed from the vehicles in the warehouse even accelerates the process and stirs up the dust. Find an efficient method that reduces the movement and speed of the objects in the warehouse, without interfering with the manufacturing process. In doing so you’ll create a safer work environment for everyone.

Using dust control curtain and walls

Another way of containing dust and keeping it from spreading is using unique curtains. The curtains separate the different compartments and prevent tiny particles from leaving and entering the warehouse. The walls or curtains will also keep the dust in a controlled environment so you can easily remove it later. These barriers help maintain a secure and healthy working environment for your workers with high standards.

Regular cleaning and check-ups

Conduct regular cleaning and maintenance routines for your warehouse and dust suppression equipment. Cleaning surfaces regularly with detergent will help keep the surfaces dust-free for a while. You can also use vegetable oils such as canola and soybean oil to protect the surfaces from dust. These oils are eco-friendly and work for an extended period. You can also use microfibers to clean the surfaces since they pick up the smallest dust particles and leave them spotless.

Dust enters into warehouses in many forms and ways. Fortunately, there are different dust suppression methods for warehouses. Even then, be sure to choose one that suits your warehouse’s specific needs.