Under the Goods and Service TAX, businesses, whose turnover will exceed the threshold limit of 40 lakhs INR or 20 lakhs INR or 10 lakhs INR as the case has to register as normal taxable persons. This is mainly called GST registration. Now, thanks to some sources, you can opt for GST Registration Online.

For some businesses, GST registration is a mandatory note. In case the firm carries on businesses without even registering under GST, it is termed as an offence and then the firm needs to work on heavy penalties.

GST registration will mostly take around 2 to 6 working days to follow. Reputed team members online can help you to obtain that registration by following a few simple steps.

Who all needs to opt for GST Registration?

Before you proceed further with the steps revolving around New GST Registration, it is mandatory to know who can opt for the registration process. The names of the potential people are listed below.

  • Anyone who is supplying online information, retrieval services or database access from any place outside India to a person residing in India should opt for GST Registration. He is the one other than a registered taxable person.
  • Every e-commerce aggregator needs to follow the steps to register for GST. They can do that online as well.
  • A person, who supplies through an e-commerce aggregator, has to register for GST as well.
  • Those people who are paying taxes under the “reverse charge mechanism” will have to follow the registration process too.
  • Agents of the supplier and the input service distributor need to go through the registration process now.
  • It is also applicable to the casual taxable person or the non-resident taxable person.
  • Businesses, with turnover over a threshold limit of 20, 10 or 40 lakhs rupees have to go through the GST Registration process.
  • Even individuals, registered under Pre-GST law like the service tax, VAT and excise must register for GST to avoid heavy penalties later in life.

Get along with the GST Registration process:

The GST Registration can be procured on the GST portal. You must apply for GST Number in Form REG-01 on the current GST portal by following some of the simple steps available online.

  • But, the GST Registration services from reputed centres will help you to get the business GST registered and procure the GSTIN as well.
  • The well-trained GST experts will be your ultimate guide on applicability and compliance under the business GST and will get the business registered within a short span of time.

Follow the advice from experts:

First, you need to opt for a plan. After that, the company will assign a GST Consultant in Hyderabad. Make sure to upload the documents and submit them on the online portal. Following these steps will help in generating ARN numbers and finally, your business will receive the GSTIN you have been waiting for!