Artificial Intelligence technology is already actively developing and invading literally every industry, from design and forecasting to simple decisions in selling products and services. Robotic and automated systems work reliably and very quickly, based on algorithms and complex logical decision-making mechanisms. Replacing humans in mechanical, easy-to-follow tasks is already realistic now. But more and more experts are suggesting using AI technology in the most complex processes for product implementation, including:

  • scheduling, calculations and delivery logistics;
  • data processing and automation of order-taking;
  • performing the entire set of post-sale interactions.

Robotic system can well cope with all these and many other tasks. You can read more about expert predictions at, where some of the leading experts in the field of automation share their thoughts on the subject. We will focus on the most important advantages of using such products for sales: benefits, speed, competitiveness.

The benefits of using AI

Developments in AI technology are still quite expensive. They require serious investments. However, artificial intelligence can already offer a sketch of the layout of an apartment with new furniture. Or adjust the parameters of all household appliances to set up a “smart home. The most important benefit from the use of such technologies in practice is the creation of economical, rational, and technological systems. Companies’ work, use of technological lines


Sales that will be organized and implemented with the help of artificial intelligence technologies will achieve the highest speed of implementation. No time off, rest or vacation will be required to process data, ensure delivery processes and other activities. All robotic processes will have no stoppage and order delivery is a matter of machine throughput, not employee efficiency.



Whoever starts to apply Artificial Intelligence technology extensively will have a significant advantage over “analog” competitors. Artificial intelligence can not only process information quickly, but also be very flexible in planning, forming costs of production, its sales, delivery. There is no need for a warm, cozy office for people. It will be replaced by production space with optimal for conveyor lines, temperatures and lighting conditions, location.

The only area where humans will be needed is decision-making or technological processes, where a robot will not be able to cope and replicate the intelligence and skills of a master.

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