Before setting out on your trading journey, it is highly important to research a broker first before committing to them. This is because brokers vary in their services, fees, commissions, products, and customer support. As such, the kind of broker you choose to work with will heavily impact the kind of trading experience that you have. In this review, we take a look at ADSS, a leading MENA brokerage firm. 

ADSS’ background

ADSS is an award-winning leading MENA broker that provides multi-asset derivatives trading through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), as well as delivering market-leading solutions to corporate, institutional, and retail clients. As such, the brokerage firm is focused on providing online trading, educational tools and market analysis platforms that are suitable for experienced traders in addition to new clients entering the financial markets for the first time. 

As of the time of writing, ADSS has a paid-up capital of US$585 million and a daily trading volume of up to US$17 billion. 

The brokerage firm remains highly dedicated to improving opportunities and enhancing the trading experience for all its clients. ADSS insists on having the highest standards and exists to inspire others to achieve their own personal goals. The brokerage firm further provides its trading community with incredible investment opportunities. This includes its multi-asset trading capabilities, access to deep liquidity, personalised views of the markets, and support from an experienced customer support team, all of which offer traders the ultimate trading experience. 

Licenses that ADSS has

ADSS is proud to say that it is currently one of the only brokerages headquartered and has a strong presence and good reputation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It additionally operates in the Middle East, the UK, and in other financial markets and regions around the world. 

ADSS is regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE as well as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. On the whole, as a responsible broker, ADSS focuses on offering traders a fair, competitive and transparent trading environment for their financial needs. 

Additional Awards

Since 2011, ADSS prides itself on winning many awards, and they are regulated by industry peers for its commitment to excellence, quality trading platforms, and exceptional customer service. As ADSS remains highly trusted by its clients and considered especially innovative in the financial sector, they are looking to enhance every trading journey, by adding value to everyone’s individual requirements, achievements, and judgements. 

Some of these awards include the Best Forex Trading Innovation and the Most Trusted Forex Broker from the Global Forex Awards 2021. 

Products that ADSS offers

ADSS’ CFD offering gives traders access to a wide range of global markets. Traders have the option to pick from major, highly liquid currency pairs or find new opportunities in exotic pairs. Traders can also trade CFDs on equities, global indices, commodities, or on individual stocks. 

Traders can even get daily market updates directly to their inboxes. This allows them to keep an eye on movements happening in the financial markets before they commit to placing any trades, so they can stay ahead of anything unexpected happening. 


Through ADSS’ award-winning trading platform, traders can trade indices CFDs instead of individual equities. So, whether a trader is thinking about going long or short on indices such as the NASDAQ, S&P 500, the FTSE, or DAX, they can still benefit from competitive spreads, deep liquidity, and one of the most competitive rates of leverage on the market. 

More specifically. The tick size of indices is one point, and the maximum leverage is 333:1. By trading indices via ADSS, traders can respond to global and current events, capitalise on volatile markets and gain exposure to an entire economy or sector. 


Equity CFDs allow traders to trade some of the biggest and most established names int eh the financial, healthcare, technology, and communications sectors. Traders can even go long or short on some of the world’s most well-known businesses. These include Amazon, Nike, Meta, Tesla, and Boeing, as well as major players in the GCC region. 

More specifically, the tick size of shares tends to range from 0.01 to 1 point, with the leverage ranging from 4:1 to 20:1. 


Traders can simply trade forex pairs with ADSS’ easy-to-use trading platform. When clients trade forex, there are no hidden fees, so they always know what they are going to get. ADSS also makes trading incredibly seamless and straightforward, as the platform is highly intuitive and has a low learning curve. This means traders only need to focus on placing their trades, instead of spending time understanding how the platform functions. Traders can explore major pairs such as EUR/USD, minors such as NZD/CHF, as well as exotics such as EUR/TRY.

More specifically, Elite+ spreads range from 0.7 to 5.9, with the leverage ranging from 50:1 to 500:1. ADSS was even voted Best FX Platform 2021 in the Middle East at the Global Forex Awards. 


Traders can take advantage of market volatility and pick from CFDs on spot commodities, futures, and commodity-linked ETFs. ADSS prides itself on having 0% commission on any trades. Some commodities on offer include gold, coffee, natural gas, oil and more. Here, commodities are traded per whole tick movement, offering traders a simpler way to trade compared to using commodity futures. 

More specifically, the tick size of a trade is one point, with the tick value being 1 USD. Leverage ranges from 20:1 to 200:1. 


There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are making headlines in the financial industry. Traders looking to take advantage of this new instrument can do so through ADSS, by using CFDs to trade some of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They can access competitive spreads, a dedicated account manager, and additional educational and research tools. Traders even have the option of going long or short, so they can take a view on the price of the cryptocurrency as it rises or falls. 

More specifically, the tick size of a trade is one point, with the tick value being 1 USD. The leverage ranges from 2:1 to 4:1.