Who doesn’t appreciate a good surprise? If the surprise is a super rare NFT, the NFT mystery box is the same as the physical mystery box. It is called a mystery box because it contains random NFT from a specific NFT collection.

Blind box NFTs

The out of the box NFTs contain unique random NFTs or even several of them also known as the blind box. Many blockchain projects released limited-edition NFT mystery boxes containing NFTs of several rarity levels.  The NFT boxes contain curated NFTs from the legendary NFT collector. All NFTs are secured!

What does it feature?

NFT mystery box features NFTs with various rarity levels. If lucky, you can get super rare NFTs selling thousands or millions of dollars. While some other fellow mystery box owners will get common NFT in their collection.

NFT rarity

NF rarity will measure how rare the NFT is compared to the rest of the collections, driven generally by the three factors:

  • Laws of supply and demand
  • Rarity
  • Market value

These three factors will go hand-in-hand. In the case of PFP projects, the rarity is derived from the attributes forming the final token, exclusivity of the traits, and/or different building blocks. Most successful strategies may include:

  • Trait groups
  • Sub-traits
  • 1/1 traits

These can create objective rarity.

The rarity tools

Rarity tools are app programs calculating and ranking the NFTs based on their rarity. You may think of it as a database where the users search for specific tokens, seeing the rarity within their relative collection. It also shows exactly the factors contributing to the rarity score. Collectors can compare the value and rarity of individual NFTs in the same collection to inform their purchasing decisions.

It is essential to note every rare tool platform has its own propriety scoring system. Although the actual rarity rankings are similar across platforms, the rarity score differs. Collectors can compare the value and rarity of each NFT in the same collection.

There are thousands of NFT mystery boxes on the market.

Selling NFT mystery boxes

It is easy to sell NFT mystery boxes; you can list them on a marketplace and set a price. NFT may go up in value, especially when they are scarce and from popular collections. Reselling NFT can make a profit. You can see the odds of getting an individual type of NFT.

It is a great decision to invest in a NFT mystery box.