Setting up a business is exciting, but creating a business plan is daunting in the beginning. However, writing a good business plan is one essential skill to have for any small to large business entrepreneur or a new business looking forward to boosting survival in the competitive market.

Kavan Choksi Japan is a famous and widely respected entrepreneur well-versed in business and technology. Besides work, he is also fond of photography and business. According to him, the following are five salient tips for you to keep in mind for creating the best business plan for your company-

Identify the targeted audience. 

The best business plan should be created from the perspective of your targeted audience. First, decide on the goal of the plan. Are you attempting to persuade your investor to accept your project, or are you keen to communicate your company’s future plans? Your business plan will affect the style as well as the content of the purpose, so make sure you are clear on this before writing the plan. A good plan is customized to meet the specific requirements of the targeted audience for your business.


For a strong, comprehensive, well-written business plan, you need perfect knowledge of the customer market you are in. Actively carry out market research to ensure the plan makes reference to what you find and need. Factors like market size, the potential growth path of the targeted market, and how yourbusiness proposes to get access to it.

For example, suppose you are planning to open a restaurant. In that case, your plan should include information likestatistics on the population suppliers’ predictions about the food industry is likely to expand or decline with an extensive review of the environment in the region.

Assess your competition. 

Knowingthe market competition is an essential component to understanding every business environment. Whatever you want to establish, you will always face competition in multiple degrees. Like, for instance, you wish to open a good restaurant in a regionalready filled with eateries, you then need to ponderas to what is the unique selling point (USP) of your new restaurant. Or perhaps, you have discovered a unique niche in the market; why and what is that?

To boost your business success, you evaluate your competitors and see how they are operating their business or in which areas do they focus to improve. You need to evaluatewhether or not your business can compete with them effectively and how do you plan to do so?

According to Kavan Choksi Japan, pay attention to the details of your business plan.The reader requires sufficient detail and relevant information to make an informed decision. Aplan that is concise, to-the-point, and clear reads professionally to everyone who needs it, so do not make your plan too wordy.

Consult professionals in the field for your business plan to make it relevant and successful to your targeted market with success!

Make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes like all professional documents. You must check and re-check the plan before you put it into effect for your business.