It is important to hire the right sexual assault defence lawyer. Why? Because you do not intend to go to jail; rather, you want the charges to be dismissed. Hence it is important to do thorough research before hiring or searching for a lawyer. You may check the texas sexual harassment lawyer to evaluate your case and get the relevant advice from their expertise.

So while hiring for a defence lawyer, check for the below factors:

1) Background:

It is important to check the law firm’s background and whether or not the lawyers have the expertise in the specific charge, you are facing.

A firm that focuses on personal injury, for instance, would not be a good choice to fight a sexual assault case since the strategies that apply to both are way different.

Questions to ask the attorney

What are the practice areas of attorney?

Have they handled similar cases, and what was the outcome?

2) Experience:

Any professional, be it a physician or a lawyer, will perform better under pressure if they carry years of experience. So before hiring a sexual assault attorney, make sure that they are not fresh out of law school.

Questions to ask the attorney

Are they trial attorneys?

Are they certified in criminal law?

How many years of experience do they carry practising law?

3) Client Wins:

Before buying any product, we always check the reviews online to know if the customers who bought it are happy and satisfied with it or not. Similarly, before handing over your case to a lawyer, read about them online and check their client testimonials. Also, check with friends and families for any recommendations. However, in any case, researching about them online is essential.

Questions to ask the attorney

Can you get past client contact information?

How do other attorneys rate the firm?

Are there any industry awards or recognition received?

What is the percentage of the case wins?

Can they provide any client testimonials?

4) Location:

The law firm’s location is important not only for the convenience, but the lawyer is aware of the city, state, county laws for sexual harassment. 

Questions to ask the attorney

Where are the legal offices located?

Is the lawyer aware of the county, state, and city laws where the assault occurred?


All of the above points are extremely important to consider before hiring a sexual assault lawyer. In addition, it is important to evaluate the cost of their legal services.