The sudden outburst of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic raised awareness to the authorities, leading to implement an enhanced community quarantine. Its execution caused multiple work establishments to halt their public services and office work operations.

Although it may sound like the pandemic triggered a sudden halt in the worldwide economy, it did the opposite. With the emergence of technological devices and the Internet that made wireless communication possible, various enterprises took advantage of working from home.

One of the many work positions that became known amidst the pandemic is the Filipino virtual assistant. Numerous Filipinos studied, trained, and entered the world of VAs because it gives glorious financial freedom and stability. It is also remote work that does not give too much stress since it is home-based even without the COVID-19’s dispersion. 

Working from home has a decent deal of advantages and disadvantages, though. The benefits will reduce commute stress, improve inclusivity, positively affect sustainability, and even help an individual save money since there will be no “50% sale” temptations at home. These are the benefits that people who are working from home now and it did help them flourish in their work performance. 

On the other hand, all the disadvantages fall into a single pretext: distractions, such as the mattress’ welcoming comfort and many other distracting entertainments that can easily steal someone’s focus.A virtual assistant in the Philippineswill need a systematic workspace at home. Focus is the fundamental value of an employee or an entrepreneur to succeed in their job performance.Through a dedicated workspace, it lessens any temptations and misdirection while doing work tasks, enhancing the work-life balance and helps them prosper on their job even at home.

Hence, see the infographic below created and designed by the well-known company, OVA Virtual, as highlights the reasonshow significant it is for remote workers to have a dedicated working area in their humble abode: