Logo mats are floor mats that have a company logo embedded in them. They are becoming more and increasingly popular. They are used in schools, hospitals, hotels, airports, and other places. Many organizations desire more than a logo mat. They want their mat to convey a message. “Mat messaging,” as it is commonly known, is an emerging industry for mat producers.

Simplicity pays. The simpler the message, logo, or design, the more it will be remembered and read. “People will be walking on the mat, so you only have a few moments to grab their attention.

Landscape or portrait? It is important to consider where the mat will go. A logo mat with a long landscape or horizontal design will do best if placed at the center of a large opening.

You can be inspired. The logo/message mat can be simple in design. But it doesn’t necessarily have to contain just a logo and a short message. Marketing imagination and inspiration could make a logo/message mat that is beautiful and highly effective.

Colors. The colors should, most importantly, reflect your brand’s colors. The background of the mat should complement the colors. If your logo/message is of a lighter color, consider using a dark background, and never buy a low-quality mat to use with your logo. A good quality mat will last many years and be easy to clean.

5 Reasons It Is Important To Add Custom Logo Matters to Your Business

Although we understand you have a lot on your plate and need to get things done, purchasing entryway mats are probably missing from your priority list. However, it should be. Here are five good reasons custom logo mats can make business sense.

Branding exposure. Use custom logo mats to promote your brand. People notice what’s below their feet. According to studies, 64% percent of retail shoppers take the time to look at floor mats. Your message can have a significant impact on their feet.

Increase sales: Additional exposure is more than just a way to increase name recognition. It can also result in exciting sales at a fraction of other marketing and advertising costs. The average cost for custom logo flooring mats is one-tenth of a penny. Custom floor mats can help a business sell retail products by generating an average sales increase of 13%

Renting is much more affordable than buying. Many owners believe renting floormats is a cheaper option than buying their own. 

Cleaner floors: When you order custom entry mats at The Personalized Doormats Company, your business will have cleaner floors and a more positive impression. Your business can keep its floors and carpets clean by installing custom mats at all entrances. This will help keep your business clean and make you a real financial saver. 

Safety: Safety is an important reason for choosing entrance mats. Our custom mats minimize the possibility of employees or customers being injured by slipping on your floor. The savings and risk reduction are enormous. Slip and falls are the number one cause of injuries in slip and fall accidents. With T, you can lower your risk by using high-quality logo mats.