Is your company looking at sustainable packaging as a way of becoming a more environmentally conscious organization? Packaging that is more sustainable or more environmentally friendly is generally referred to as Sustainable Packaging. The best sustainable packaging manufacturers- HC sustainable packaging solutions, evaluate a product’s environmental impact over the product’s lifecycle, not just its composition, to determine whether or not it’s eco-friendly.

Many people ask questions such as “which packaging is eco-friendly?” or “what materials are greenest?” Whenever you ask people these types of questions, most of the answers are “It depends.” People need a framework to evaluate what option is better for the planet to make more informed decisions. Unfortunately, there isn’t a real framework like that. In the following infographic, you can see how we organize our packaging sustainably and how we operate. 

In today’s era, sustainable packaging means taking into account a brand’s environmental impact and sustainability in general. Despite the differences among organizations such as SPC, CEN, and ISO when it comes to packaging standards, smart brands consider them and focus on the overall package life cycle.  

The construction of a sustainable packaging system would meet these criteria in a way that would be both economical and environmentally sustainable.

Sustainable packaging: 

  • Has value, health & safety in its life cycle for individuals & communities 
  • In every aspect of HC sustainable packaging solutions, the company takes a carefully measured, research-driven approach.
  • Utilizes renewable energy during the production, transport, transportation, and recycling processes 
  • Utilizes renewable or recycled materials as much as possible 
  • Produced using clean production processes and best practices 
  • Made from materials that are environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle 
  • A physical design optimized for materials and energy efficiency 
  • Closed-loop cycles in biological and/or industrial processes effectively recover and utilize

Sustainability in packaging: where are we headed?

Some brands still consider sustainable packaging to be recycling, and they are unsure where the plastic is recycled, nor how it is transformed into reusable and biodegradable products. Customers, however, are looking for product stories. It is worthwhile to analyze the entire lifecycle of a product, the materials used in its packaging, and the recycling process behind it.

Nowadays, brands that want to minimize their ecological footprint don’t need to go green or sustainable. They just need to strive for it.

HC sustainable packaging 

As with everything we do, the company’s packaging standards are carefully thought out, researched, and measured.