Since coronavirus has induced a state of mayhem, offices in all niches have shifted to virtual offices. Although Virtual answering service were relevant before the outbreak of covid-19, they have newfound meaning now. They are but are not limited to the following: –

· Uninterrupted business:

When the lockdown was imposed, all businesses shifted to work-from-home situations. A physical office was impossible to access. In such grave times, automatic call answering machines showed their relevance by allowing firms to attend to calls virtually.

· Services beyond the working hours:

Although office timings have changed due to the influence of the lockdowns, the demands of services have not changed. Customers might call when you have closed down your business, and unanswered calls can cause you severe losses. However, having a telephone answering machine for your business can help you attend to calls that come in post working hours.

· Work with the lesser workforce:

With the pandemic, most employees work from home. Only a few people are permitted to work in-office. However, customers do not decrease, thereby causing a lot of burden on the employees. In such a scenario, automatic answering machines come in handy.

· Attend to 100% of calls:

Due to the pandemic, the demand for online services has increased at an unprecedented rate. Hence, businesses, especially small-scale startups, have experienced an unforeseen surge of calls regarding services. The current number of employees could have never met the demands. This problem is resolved by virtual answering machines, which can attend to any number of calls and filter out the irrelevant ones.

· Lasting impression:

With an adept telephone answering machine, you can easily entice consumers. This is because they provide them with a swift and systematically organized experience, which is time-saving. And who would not be impressed by this? Hence, naturally, the customer would approach your services more often.

With the outbreak of the Covid virus, the functionality of telephone answering devices has increased. Simultaneously, these machines keep on advancing and reaching new heights of efficiency and application. They are economical and save the company from losing clients. E-receptionists are indisputably the future of e-commerce.