Partial dentures are a type of cosmetic procedure people choose to perfect their smiles when they have defects. Cosmetic dentistry is a fast-growing industry because it has helped millions of people feel more secure about their smiles and improved the overall appearance of their teeth. 

If you are thinking of getting partial dentures in Columbia, it is best that you consult an experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist to determine whether it is the best choice for you. They understand your dental needs and provide you with advice to fulfill them. 

When should you consider getting partial dentures?

  • Shifting teeth. 

If there are small gaps in your teeth or loose teeth, partial dentures can be the right fit for you. Loose teeth are teeth that detach from the gum and bones and no longer have support. Gaps in teeth affect your jaw bone and consequently your bite. With partial dentures, you can ensure that the teeth remain in place and you have an even bite, which aids in healthier digestion.

  • Tooth decay. 

When there is an accumulation of bacterial activity in your mouth, there is more production of acids, and you may experience tooth decay. In cases of permanent tooth decay which is beyond restoration, your tooth may be removed. You can consider getting partial dentures to replace the lost tooth. 

  • Painful gums. 

Symptoms such as bleeding and swelling in your gums indicate an underlying disease. It is necessary to seek immediate care when you experience such symptoms. Lack of treatment worsens the condition and causes tooth and bone loss. You can seek a dentist’s expertise to replace the missing teeth with partial dentures. 

  • Injuries. 

If you have suffered injuries that caused you to lose several of your teeth, it is recommended to consider getting partial dentures. They can be a good option when you still have healthy teeth remaining, and your dentist constructs the dentures based on their structure to ensure maximum comfort. 

  • Difficulty speaking or chewing. 

When your teeth are missing or have defects, it can be challenging to chew food properly. Inadequately chewed food causes further health problems. Missing teeth also affect speech and make the person conscious of their pronunciation. With partial dentures, the person has a complete set of aligned teeth to chew correctly and speak without discomfort. 

You may also develop many oral health complications because of unhealthy habits and irregular dentist visits. Make sure that you schedule appointments with your Columbia dentist regularly to maintain your oral health.