Paper hand towels have been a reliable and convenient source of hygienic towel usage in commercial and residential settings alike for many years. They offer a cost-effective, disposable solution to drying hands, with all the necessary absorbency you would expect from a traditional, reusable towel. What’s more, paper hand towels are available in an array of environmentally conscious designs. Many of them are made with recycled material and can be recycled again, making them an ideal way to limit the environmental impact of single-use product waste. Paper hand towels can reduce costs related to laundry and maintenance, too–what better way to save money and contribute to green living at the same time?

If you work in an office, chances are you’ve seen a paper hand towel dispenser in the restroom. And if you have, chances are you’ve also seen someone bypass it in favour of using their bare hands to turn off the faucet. To say that paper hand towels have gotten a bad rap in recent years would be an understatement. But are they really as unhygienic as people think? Let’s take a closer look.

The Truth About Paper Hand Towels

Studies show that paper hand towels are actually more effective at reducing bacteria than electric hand dryers. In fact, electric hand dryers can actually increase the spread of bacteria by blown air onto hands and then onto other surfaces. Paper hand towels, on the other hand, can be disposed of immediately after use, preventing the spread of bacteria.

Another common misconception about paper hand towels is that they are not as environmentally friendly as electric hand dryers. However, this is not the case. Electric hand dryers use far more energy than paper towel dispensers, and the manufacturing process for producing them creates more greenhouse gas emissions. Paper towel dispensers can also be refilled with recycled paper towels, further reducing their environmental impact.

Benefits of Using Paper Hand Towels

In addition to being more hygienic and environmentally friendly than electric hand dryers, paper hand towels have other benefits as well. For one, they’re far less expensive to maintain than electric hand dryers. They also don’t require any electricity to operate, which means they’ll save you money on your energy bill. And lastly, they’re less likely to break down or need repairs than electric hand dryers, saving you even more money in the long run.

 conclusion: With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that paper hand towels are making a comeback in the workplace. If your office doesn’t already have a paper towel dispenser in the restroom, now might be the time to consider installing one! Your employees will thank you for it – and so will your bottom line.