International couriers and international mail are the services used to send documents and parcels overseas. Multiple vendors are developing their own services, and there are differences in what can be sent, the number of days until delivery, and the price.

Please use this information as a material to select the most suitable Courier to Canada from Mumbai service according to what you want to send and the purpose.

Precautions when using international courier / international mail

First of all, some common points to note when sending packages overseas.

There are differences in what can be sent to each country.

It’s possible that some nations can’t send things. There are prohibited items such as food and cosmetics according to the destination country’s regulations, so check in advance.

The invoice may be required.

When exchanging luggage across countries, it is necessary to carry out customs clearance at customs. If you use the international courier service, you must prepare a document called an “invoice” to prove the contents of the package when you send the package other than the document. In the case of Courier to Australia from Mumbai, no individual procedure is required.

Customs duties may be required.

Customs duties may be incurred when importing to the destination country. Normally, you will be billed to the addressee, but be sure to check that there are no problems.

Proper use of courier and forwarder

The advantage of using a courier is that the transportation speed is fast and cheap for a small amount of cargo. In addition, it is attractive that the procedures such as requesting collection and picking up are easy.

Large cargo can be transported with the most important points in mind by using the International courier services in Mumbai. For example, is it the shipping price, the schedule, or the safety of the cargo? Depending on the product’s nature and the transportation urgency, it can be transported by the most suitable method: sea mail, air mail, and courier. 

In addition, it flexibly responds by adjusting the delivery date, changing the delivery address, and customs clearance depending on the product. Although the price is not fixed uniformly, the unit price tends to decrease as the weight increases, so it is a good idea to choose a courier service when transporting large or heavy cargo by air.

When using a courier service, you may find it time-consuming to prepare customs documents properly, be asked to explain the product, and give instructions. However, suppose you choose a courier with good service. In that case, it will advise you on the best transportation method considering the size of the cargo, the product, the destination, etc., and you can also ensure the cargo insurance. 

Also, if the contents of the products to be shipped do not change, you will not be asked for the details of the products at each customs clearance. With a high degree of freedom in arranging transportation, it can be transported anywhere in the world and handle complex trade transactions, including trilateral trade. 

When asking about a International courier company, it seems that many people use it mainly according to weight. Documents and lightweight items are easy to use because the courier speeds up delivery and door-to-door tracking is easy. If it becomes a heavy object, it seems that a forwarder with a low unit price can be relieved.


There are multiple overseas delivery services, but the prices and the number of days to arrive vary.