The global pandemic had a number of massive effects on daily life; one of the biggest being the way we work. When we were asked to stay home, our couches, beds, and kitchen tables became our new workspaces. For many, this was a welcome change and brought with it a number of benefits. 

However, this has presented a unique challenge for business owners – how do you get your staff to come back into the office? 

Here are our top tips to encourage your remote workers to come back into work. 

Listen to their concerns

The first step is to listen to your team members. They may have concerns about workplace safety or concerns about productivity, just to name a few examples. You can’t solve a problem without knowing its source, so the first step is to speak to your team about their feelings about coming into work. Then, you need to act on these concerns! 

Spruce up your office

When’s the best time to renovate your office? When your staff aren’t in. If you want to encourage your team to return to work, invite them to come and enjoy the new furniture, paint, and other touches you’ve made for them! 

You may find this could also lead to increased productivity! 

Create a great office culture

There are many perks of coming to work, especially if you can establish a great office culture. This is achieved through a number of means, including the way your staff interact with each other, and social events. You can start small by simply hosting Friday drinks in a meeting room, or organizing an office fun run for a charitable cause. 

Invest in Facilities Management

Investing in a facilities management company is a great way to encourage your remote workers to come back into the office. This company can provide cleaning services to improve hygiene standards and safety, offer security services, and regular maintenance of your office. 

Knowing the office is cleaner, safer, and better maintained is a win for all of your staff members. 

Create a Productive Space

One concern some of your team will have will be a loss of productivity. At home, they may have been free from the distractions of the office and allowed to concentrate on their work. To help with this, there are a number of measures you can put in place. Providing quiet working spaces, walled booths, or setting a ‘quiet hour’ at the office is a great way to assist productivity. 

Another tip is to create collaborative spaces where teams are able to work together more efficiently. 

Final Thoughts

Whichever of these strategies you choose to employ, all will be made easier with the help of a London facilities management company. Why not contact us today, and see how we can help bring your team back into the office?