Divorce is one of the most challenging processes that a couple goes through. In many cases, even the partner who is always loving and caring can become evil. Divorces have seen people showing their worse sides out of greed or revenge. When you speak to legal divorce lawyers in Massachusetts, they will evaluate your situation, understand your personal goals financial situation, and assist with the best possible strategies to ensure the divorce outcome falls in your best interest. 

Common strategies suggested by lawyers. 

  1. Be careful when communicating with your partner. 

If you are communicating through text messages, email, or any written format, your texts can be used against you in court. Therefore, when discussing anything with your partner, make sure you are calm and speaking things that will not harm the divorce outcome. 

  1. Take a look at the social media profiles of your spouse before filing. 

Posting on social media creates a significant impact on divorce proceedings. Prior to filing the divorce, take a screenshot of their social media posts and updates that can be used as evidence for your case. 

  1. Avoid moving out from the house you and your spouse share before speaking to a lawyer. 

When things take a bad turn during the divorce, you are bound to get into arguments with your spouse and make a move by leaving the house. However, if you move out of the house without consulting a lawyer, it can impact your parenting time with your children, financial resources, access to the house, and more. 

  1. If you are seeking additional parenting time, document all the evidence of your spouse. 

The judge is going to consider your role in your children’s life. Whether you attend parent-teacher meetings, conferences or take them out for their daily activities, everything is considered. Additionally, document all the evidence against your spouse, including messages, emails, pictures, and other written communication, as all are admissible in court. 

  1. Verify children’s attendance records according to the parenting schedule. 

You need to make sure your children reach school on time, and the other parent is participating in all their extracurricular activities. The same goes for you, so make sure you actively take part in your children’s lives. 

  1. Check registry of deeds. 

You need to make sure your spouse is not hiding assets or property from you or the court. Therefore, you can perform a quick search on the registry of deeds to help understand all the properties in their name and present all the proper information in the court.