People with disabilities are a major part of the online community when it comes to using websites for eCommerce. Businesses must ensure their sites are accessible to them without hassles. There have been a number of legal suits against sites that are not ADA or WCAG 2.1 compliant. In such cases, it is prudent to ensure that your site is compliant and has no web accessibility issues to avoid unwanted legal expenditure.

AccessiBe – A viable solution at an affordable cost

AccessiBe is an innovative tool that aids small to large businesses cater to web accessibility issues and compliance faster. This tool is empowered with the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a double application structure to ensure that web accessibility issues are fixed and that your web pages are ADA and WCAG2.1 compliant. It is a fully automated solution that you need to install on your browser.

Once the tool is installed, you can alleviate all your tensions. It scans your site every 24 hours and offers you an accessibility statement in 48 hours. It will look out for changes in the site and make the necessary adjustments.

How is it better than manual processes for web accessibility?

Businesses had to hire web developers to fix accessibility issues in the past. Of course, the process entailed a lot of effort and time. The costs depended on the number of the webpages the site had. Besides accessibility issues, businesses also had to incur site maintenance costs. This again was an expensive affair. Large companies had their own in-house team. However, the smaller companies faced a lot of financial hardships. If they resorted to DIY methods, there were mistakes, which again invited legal suits and fines.

Easy for you to install and use

This innovative solution stepped in to save costs and time. It comes in the form of a plugin that is a sort of unobtrusive widget. It also has a dropdown menu and appears on your site as an interface for accessibility.

Your visitors can select the correct suit of adjustments for their disabilities and needs. They can set their preferences and start to navigate the site. The best part of this tool is that there is no change to the functioning of the site, even if someone does not use the accessibility options online.

Plans and prices

When it comes to the costs of the tool for the business, you will find that AccessiBe has different plans and pricing policies. You can compare them carefully and choose the one that caters to your business needs. The Company enjoys good reviews online, and today, it is trusted by both large and small businesses across the nation.

When it comes to website performance and accessibility, you can only gain a competitive edge in the market when it is accessible to everyone, including people with physical disabilities. In this way, you can reach out to a large targeted audience, comply with web accessibility laws and enjoy enormous sales opportunities in the process as well!