Because the economy will go back to its feet and even more Americans become vaccinated, there’s a boost in job possibilities. What employers have found though, is the fact number of candidates are utilizing. Less candidates are answering job postings, this is a complete 360 from a year ago when unemployment rates were inside the finest ever and job options were far and number of among. So, what’s the explanation for the “candidate shortage”?

A gift article from USA Today Money¹, reports that lots of Americans may take place about switching jobs with the pandemic because of the medical health insurance financial risks. It is a “safe” choice to remain at the company they’re presently with. Most people are happy with the unemployment benefits they’re receiving. Sometimes, employees are generating money “unemployed” when they were working. They do not offer an incentive and aren’t motivated to visit work when they can enjoy better paychecks remaining home. It’s caused staffing and recruiting firms to focus on their strategies on contacting candidates which are already working. Recruiters have began contacting competing companies to recruit skilled workers and periodic-mid level managers, which is a tactic for recruiting high-level executives.

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As staffing and recruiting companies develop new means of find candidates with the “candidate shortage”, your applicant tracking system (ATS) is an important resource that cannot be overlooked. There isn’t only several tools you may use in a ATS, nonetheless it houses hundreds and, sometimes, potentially lots of candidates before you decide to! Inside the following sentences, we’ll have a very deep dive into numerous useful tools to learn from inside your ATS.

Referral Reports

The first important bit of information you can pull out of your ATS could be a number of your candidate referrals. Formerly 3 a few days, through what source would be the most candidates coming for that database? Will it be utilising employment board, social networking, contacting? Searching around this information might help determine what “presently” could be the finest source that you need to recruit candidates. Then you are in a position to focus really your time and efforts across the sources which are currently performing somewhat much better than others.

Utilizing Searches and Pipelines

Both search abilities and pipelines in your ATS work nicely sources to meet your requirements when looking for candidates. As noted within the introduction, your ATS may hold lots of candidates as it’s needed. Along with your searches and pipelines in your ATS is a great beginning point your pursuit for candidates.

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Pipelines undoubtedly are a helpful tool when might be of “top” candidates. For individuals who’ve a pipeline built, this really is really the best beginning point. In situation your pipeline is not already built, you can start creating a pipeline including the very best candidates you need to achieve to. The pipelines may be damaged out by industry and/or position. Breaking each pipeline out by industry or position can help you whenever you recruit for current positions and you’ll be helpful later on when you’re recruiting for positions which are similar. These could be talent pipelines you’ll still increase increase-not only a one-time use. Using this method top candidates will probably be readily accessible while using industry and/or positions you’re recruiting for. If you adding initial candidates you should employ within your pipeline, then you are in a position to make use of the search abilities in your ATS to include other qualified candidates.

Some popular searches you can conduct include searching by skills, position, occupation titles, location (if there is a particular location you have to recruit for), and last contacted (if you wish to narrow lower your research while using prior to deciding to contacted a candidate.) Another useful search choice is to do an entire Text Look for keywords. A Whole Text Search scours your database for a lot of keywords within the candidate’s profile, including their resume. This is often handy if you wish to look by position to find out which candidates have held exactly the same role. When conducting your searches and finding candidates, add individuals for your pipeline.