Wisdom teeth are the set of 3rd and last molars. If the wisdom teeth do not erupt normally or grow in abnormal alignment, it is recommended to remove the teeth to minimize the risk of infections. After opting for wisdom teeth, removal, patients experience swelling and pain. During the first day of healing, the person may experience minor bleeding.

When it comes to wisdom teeth, people have many questions, and wisdom teeth appear in the late years of life and cause a lot of pain when they erupt. However, an Ankeny dentist can help patients answer their questions. 

A few of the most common questions have been answered in the following blog. 

  • Between what age do wisdom teeth appear?

Due to the presence of sufficient space inside the oral cavity, wisdom teeth tend to grow around the age of 17 to 25. However, some patients can observe wisdom teeth growing in their early thirties, or wisdom teeth do not appear in some cases. 

  • Is it necessary to remove the wisdom teeth?

If there is a lack of space inside the mouth, it will restrict the eruption of the wisdom teeth. If the signs of infection, pain, tooth decay, and other diseases increase, it will be necessary to remove them quickly. While, if the wisdom teeth usually grow, there will be no need to remove them. 

  • How painful is it when wisdom teeth appear?

During tooth eruption, patients may experience pain and discomfort that lasts for a few weeks to months. People who have sufficient space in the mouth may experience less pain. 

  • What type of food can be consumed after removing a wisdom tooth?

People who have opted to remove wisdom teeth are advised to consume a liquid diet and shift to a solid diet only when a dentist has asked them to do so. Dentists are also advised not to consume too spicy and hot food as it may cause irritation and damage the tooth.

  • How much does it take to recover after the removal of wisdom teeth?

People who remove their wisdom teeth heal within 3 to 4 days. If the tooth fails to erupt normally, wisdom teeth removal may take 1 to 2 weeks to heal completely. Children having wisdom teeth eruption usually heal faster than adults.

  • What are the signs that indicate the person needs to opt for the removal of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth may cause pain, irritation, damage, and many more to the surrounding region. This indicates that it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth. If a patient observes the following signs, they may opt to remove the wisdom tooth. 

  • Failure in the eruption of wisdom teeth. 
  • Abnormal growth. 
  • Pain.