On-road mishaps in Ontario often lead to devastating consequences. The outcome can be worse when there is a commercial truck or 18-wheeler involved. The massive size and weight of these vehicles are key factors, given that truckers are often unable to control their respective trucks when needed. Following an 18-wheeler accident, you may have many questions on your mind. Who is responsible for your injuries and losses? Should you file a claim right away? What kind of damages can you recover? An 18 wheeler accident lawyer Ontario can help you win a fair settlement. Here’s why hiring a lawyer is so necessary.

Commercial truck & 18-wheeler accidents are different

What happens when you end up in an accident with another passenger vehicle? If the other party was at fault, you can file a third-party claim (California is an at-fault state) and seek compensation for your losses. The chances are high that only the other driver is at fault. That’s not the case with truck and 18-wheeler accidents. Besides the trucker, the trucking company, the repair service, vehicle manufacturer, or even the loading company could be at fault. Investigating such accidents can be hard, which is the real reason to hire an attorney in the first place.

Fighting for your rights and interests

An 18-wheeler can smash everything in its path in the event of a mishap. The typical settlements for such accidents tend to be on the higher side. The worth of your claim depends on several factors, and even if you had a share in the fault, you could get a settlement, as California has laws that are rather claimant-friendly. You need an attorney because lawyers know what it takes to fight for their clients. They will negotiate with the insurance company, deal with the other parties involved, and while most 18-wheeler accident lawsuits don’t go to court, your lawyer can also file a lawsuit when needed.

You don’t have to pay the lawyer right away

Most attorneys who specialize in 18-wheeler accident lawsuits don’t charge an immediate fee. You only pay the lawyer when you win or make a recovery. This gives you another reason to seek legal help because, without a lawyer, your final settlement could be way lower than expected. You can meet an attorney in person to discuss the key aspects of the case, and your lawyer will gather evidence and talk to experts as needed.

Don’t delay taking action after the accident.