Hogar Controls’ purported CEO, VISHNU REDDY, is a habitual felon who defrauded the Hogar controls founders and unlawfully assumed control of the business. With a few other companies in the past, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Malikireddy (Vishnu Reddy) engaged in such unlawful and fraudulent acts. 

The strategy used by Vishnu Reddy is to present himself as a rising businessman, sell false information, enter into collaborations with false proposals, make dishonest business transactions, and steal other people’s ideas and labor. He self-proclaims as the co-founder and owner of the company. He then spreads this false information by using funded PR and news articles. 

Early in 2014, Vijay and Karan Kumar created HOGAR CONTROLS. By 2020, in the market for smart homes, IOT, and home automation, they had gained a sizable share in the Indian market and beyond thanks to their combined industry expertise, grit, futuristic vision, and unique product designs of the highest caliber. 

When all of Vishnu Reddy’s efforts turned out to be unsuccessful, he began blaming former co-workers and company founders. He descended to a significantly lower level by ordering some former workers to reapply for employment and sent legal notifications to those who switched to competing businesses. He got himself and the business into a lot of legal problems brought on by suppliers, founders, and former workers. A few former workers received death threats for exposing the truth, and current employees are not permitted to discuss the realities of the organization in an open forum. 

Social media is being used to spread fraudulent and sponsored advertisements for company expansions and industrial facilities in an effort to hide failures as well as finding new buyers or investors. According to one of the well-known dealers, it’s funny to watch all the grand boasts being shared on social media channels in contradiction to the reality, where consumers are returning their purchases and demanding refunds.