If you were a customer in your laundry business, would you be satisfied with the service and return? If you were honest with yourself, you might say no. Unfortunately, many people enter a laundromat only to see broken laundry equipment needing new laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts, outdated technology, dirty floors, and staff performing slowly.

But even if you believe that your laundromat has excellent service with quality equipment and alliance laundry parts, there’s always room to improve. Here are ways you can improve your laundromat’s customer service:

1. Invest in new technology

Technology can take your laundromat to the next level! If you still operate with old and outdated equipment, then you’re definitely missing out.

With up to 81% of people owning a smartphone, we’re becoming more connected and techy, so expect customers to want a modern-day experience, too. Start looking into newer laundry equipment with techy features to make laundry fun and easier.

2. Offer different payment methods

Gone are the days when people had to always carry coins to do their laundry. Now, you can make it more convenient for those carrying notes or credit cards. With about 30% of Americans making no cash purchases, you need to offer other payment methods for your customers’ convenience.

You can invest in systems that accept cards, notes, or even digital payment. Not only does this satisfy customers, but it will also make it safer on your end, as you store less cash. It reduces theft risk while improving business safety, making it worth the investment.

3. Clean the facility regularly

No one will enter a dirty laundromat when the point was to clean their clothes! Not a lot of laundromat owners prioritize cleaning or have enough staff to do so, but that’s no excuse.

It’s time to change how you conduct business and create an appropriate cleaning schedule. That way, you have a clean space that customers will appreciate doing their laundry in.

We also recommend training your staff on the equipment, cleaning the facilities, and how to provide excellent customer service. Encourage staff to learn the customer’s names, build relationships, and improve response times in calls and social media messages.

4. Include entertainment and extras

Laundry is still considered a chore, so you’ll see customers feeling negative about it the moment they walk into your facility. You can change the narrative and offer more entertainment, making customers come back to your laundromat feeling better!

Here are the things you can include in your laundromat:

·  Televisions

·  WiFi access

·  Vending machines

·  Arcade games

·  Books and magazines

·  Children’s play area

There are so many options, with many of them being good opportunities to continue earning! We recommend asking your customers about the extras they would like to see as they do business in your laundromat.

Wrapping It Up

Your laundromat’s customers are what keeps the business running and earning revenue, so make sure you focus on giving them top-notch service.