The Linear motion guides in short LM guides, are necessary for all machines and instruments. The LM guides are if you want smooth motion with high-precision machine movement. There are various types of LM guides available; however, here we will mostly talk about the LM Guide HSR Bearings (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide HSR, which is a term in Thai).

LM Guide HSR Model

It is the most commonly used LM guide worldwide. The HRS model can easily fit in most machines and instruments. In this bearing, the balls in each row are placed at a contact angle of 45°. This mechanism maintains the load in radial, reverse, and lateral directions, allowing the Alem guide to be used in all orientations.

Also, the HSR model of the LM guide is made of high-quality material to make the function of the bearing smooth and accurate linear motion. It will help minimize friction and offer extended service life even after many years of usage. As this bearing is perfectly sealed, it is also protected from dust and contamination. So, the LM guide HSR models feature is unique and effective.

Benefits Of Using LM Guide HSR Bearings

High Precision

This LM guide’s most useful feature is that it ensures precise positioning and proper rhythmic repeatability. It also follows high accuracy.


This bearing has high rigidity and load-bearing capacity for the machine or instrument to run smoothly and quietly with less friction. These features reduce vibration and provide great motion quality.

Low maintenance

Unlike other LM bearings, the HSR model has a long service life, reducing constant maintenance and bearing change. This saves a lot of money.

These are the main free benefits of using HSR bearings; however, there are other benefits, such as its energy efficiency and customisability.

Where Can You Use The LM Guide HSR Bearings?

This LM guide model is used on a global standard basis, which is why it can be used in almost any machine or instrument so that you can use it in,

  • Milling machine
  • CNC machines
  • Robotics instruments
  • Surgical equipment
  • Vehicles Manufacturing
  • Aircraft manufacturing


Ultimately, you can understand that the HSR bearing can be used in various items. And as it’s made of high-quality material and features, it provides long-lasting service. So if you want a precise and cost-effective service, use the LM Guide HSR model.